We became specialized in wedding receptions and we pride ourselves in cooperating with the future bride and groom when organizing one. We ask for a piece of advice from our chef, photographer, designer, confectioner, band members, and everyone else who is supposed to be the part of your dream day. We are thinking about all the possible outcomes when it comes to the budget, hall capacity, and protocole. All in all, we make the atmosphere stress-free. From the very moment when you step over the threshold of any of our clubs (“JEZERO”, “WHITE”, “RED”, “BLACK”, and “GREEN”), you will be greeted by our experienced staff team members who will help you in planning each and every aspect of your special day. Be sure that you will put your most important day in the hands of a diligent team. 

 If you prefer the night celebration under the light of the stars, choose the restaurants JEZERO or RED; if you like something more intimate, we recommend the restaurant WHITE, while BLACK and GREEN are more for traditional Serbian style weddings.

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Our flexible wedding packages include eight hours of celebration, with the possibility of going full time, ten hours. We offer stationery and club lights, with a technician whose job is to present the colors the way you like. Apart from the stage for the band members, you will get recommendations for the best bands in the city, profesional staff members dressed for the occasion, elegant basic hall decoration, a bottle of sparkling wine when you cut the wedding cake, the underground garage with video surveillance, and an array of gift vouchers which will give you discounts to services provided by our partner companies. In our club, you can settle the details with the representative of the registry office and the photographer as well. We are expecting you with surprise gifts.

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