Hundreds of events organized in this space can tell you their own stories, so why don’t you start your own tale right here? The modern design is perfect for smaller celebrations, perfect for weddings with up to 150 guests, and cocktail parties with up to 300 guests. The restaurant “WHITE” owes its natural charm to its position; it is located on the fourth floor of the office building, with its glass walls allowing a lot of sunlight. The pillars are upholstered by materials of rich texture, and the curtains have those delicate creases, which all brings the warmth and elegance to the whole space. The high ceiling with magnificient chandeliers gives a unique look to the whole club, while the size and shape of the club can be easily adjusted to the needs of the clients. Here, you can get everything you want for your wedding, and your celebration may be the one people will talk about. Apart from that, you can even use the same space to celebrate christenings, coming-of-age and birthday parties, with a special surprise for our youngest guests. They will surely enjoy in the new, adapted playhouse, equipped with a system of the highest level of safety. All this will provide your children with unforgettable moments of joy.

 150 mesta za sedenje300 mesta za sedenjeTiffany Stolicesoba za mladencednevni restoranotvorena terasawifi besplatni internetobezbedjen parkingvideo nadzor garazeklimatizovan prostorkulinarski specijalitetivrhunska uslugaprofesionalno ozvučenjeekskluzivna rasvetamatičar u klubupoklon vaučeriloyalty program

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