Ivana Selakov

Ivana Selakov was born on November 8, 1978 in Belgrade. She grew up in the city of Sombor, where she finished elementary and gramar school – Languges and Social studies department. She graduated from Art academy in Belgrade, majoring in Sound design and music production. For two years, she was a member of the “Beauty Queens” group, with whom she participated in Eurosong 2007. There, Serbia won the first place with the lead singer, Marija Šerifović. In 2010 she recorded an album with “Grand production” under the title “Sreća“. After that, she made a duet song with Darko Radovanović, „Ako je do mene“, which became an instant hit song. After her second album, „Probijam led“, she made several songs with another popular singer, Aca Lukas – „Daleko si“, „Omaklo mi se“, and „Ljubav u doba kokaina“. She has received more than 15 „Best female performer“ awards, duet of the year, and the biggest hit song of the year. As a back-up singer, she worked with many colleagues, singing on more than 2000 songs altogether.





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