Imagine a nice-looking restaurant where you would like to spend precious moments, relax and have fun. Imagine a cauldron where, like on mild fire, your important day is slowly getting ready. All the ingredients from the recipe are there: tasty food and drinks, top quality service, nice surrounding. However, there is always something missing... The main ingredient of this recipe will constantly make you sing while you eat something, tap, follow the beat, stand up and leave the table to dance to your favourite song. That ingredient, which makes your day full of magic and wakes the deepest soul fibers is the “Belcanto” band.

P.S. Due to this ingredient, some unwanted reactions may occur! You will not see the tiny oversights when it comes down to food, or the impact of AC system to your muscles, warm drinks, etc. We are only guilty of the muscle pain caused by dancing! “BELCANTO” band is a vocal-instrumental group, whose members are experienced due to their careers both in the country and abroad. With superior music, great sound system, and three extraordinary singers, we won’t leave anyone indifferent to our music. First of all, we prefer good quality tunes and different music genres, starting from old hit tunes and canzonas, over to pop-rock, and all the way down to traditional and folk music, as well as world hit songs from different continents.

We are the band for your restaurant, weddings, birthday and anniversary parties, or something for your private and business events. If you need a good quality, profesional, and trustworthy band, you came to the right place. It will be our pleasure to make your important day unforgettable.


AZZARO has been improving its partnerships with the best service providers in wedding catering industry, with the goal of giving the best possible things to our clients. We assist and give our advice about the dresses, tuxedoes, bands, decoration and flower arrangements, invitations, and everything else people need to have the perfect wedding ceremony. Our round-the-clock assistants are photographers, best musicians and different bands, decorators, designers, wedding planners, event managers, bridal gown shops, jewelers, and other professionals. We managed to create a team of creative people, who love their jobs, and who unselfishly try to do their best to fulfill every task the clients give them. By working and improving together, they helped us in becoming a compatible complex which offers only the best to our clients. Our work principle is synergy, the principle which states that the end result is more than just a group of individual actions.

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