The band “NOĆ I DAN” began playing as a club band in the year of 1999. Back in those days, they were playing in many popular Belgrade clubs. Their first record, “Da sam tvoja” was released in 2000 for “Košava” musical records company. Popular songs from this record were “Da sam tvoja”, “Znam da me voliš”, and “Na korak sam do ludila”. Their second album, “Bezuslovna predaja”, was released in 2003 for “BK Sound” company. The biggest hit song was “Godina ide za godinom”. The third album was released in 2005 for “City records” under the title “Noć i dan”. They participated in various music festivals, such as “SUNČANE SKALE” in 2000 with their song "Muško zlo", “BEOVIZIJA” in 2004 where they played “Svašta mi se desilo”, and RADIO S “Radijski festival” in 2006 with the song “Zabranjeno”. After taking a short break, they released a single record, “Tajni susreti”, in 2010, and another one in 2012 for the song “Šejker”. The band members are currently working on their fourth album.


Marija Djordjević, vocals
Mirko Đurić, vocals and guitar
Zoran Nikolić, bass guitar
Vlade Marković, keyboards and accordion
Igor Blagojević, drum
Vladimir Čolić, solo guitar

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