There is a special playhouse for kids included in our AZZARO system. It is located at Novi Beograd municipality, under the name “BEOGRADAONICA”. Behind the doors of this playhouse there is a hidden world, full of exciting games for kids of all ages. Unique in its concept, and reconizable due to its Belgrade style ornaments, the playhouse is perfect for organizing children’s birthday parties, as well as other important events, such as christenings, first day of school, the festivity for the end of the day-care center, or advancing to the higher grades.

Older kids can choose between various video games, high-tech simulators and game consoles such as Sony Play Station, Nintendo WII, and Microsoft Xbox. The younger kids can enjoy playing in the labyrinth and different game animations. There is a special terrace provided for the parents where they can relax with their friends while the kids are having time of their lives in “Beogradaonica” playhouse. Our staff team is taking care of the children and they are doing their best to keep everything under control.

BEOGRADIONICA White, located in Jurij Gagarin Street, No. 32, on the fourth floor of the building is already well-known among the youngsters and their parents alike. They know they can count on good fun time and excellent service. The complete space is 250 m2 and it has enough space for 140 people. The children can use the labyrinth going on two levels. Apart from many different play tools for kids up to three years of age, there is a stage for puppet and short plays as well. The best part is the special space for kids to play in a free and open way. The room with the video games offers many game consoles, such as Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft XBOX 360 with its Kinect camera. Our staff team keeps the children under constant surveillance, so that the parents can freely relax and enjoy in the pleasant atmosphere, while still being able to see everything around the playhouse.

All the celebrations here are of the private concept. If you decide to treat the guests with some salty snacks, we offer different choices with the reasonable price range. The food is made in our kitchen, after the recommendation of AZZARO head chef. Each and every playhouse has its own bar out of which you can get something to drink. The rent price includes the full staff catering team, the team for taking care of the children, utensils, and the invitations that the children are sending to their friends. In case that you want something additional, a real delight for your children and their guests, we can hire various animators, magicians, balloon designers, photographers, and confectioners. We can organize a short stage play, a mask ball, a magic show, or any other theme performance.

Tanja Radovanović

+381 62 214 826 

Jurija Gagarina 32/IV


The new children's empire, stunned by Ada Ciganlija lake, opens its doors to children who want to celebrate their birthday in the most original way.

Our realm of games and entertainment opens the door for 40 kids and 100 adults ... Toys, consoles, Sony Plastation 3, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft xbox 360 with cinematic camera ... Smart games, beautiful crayons and everything on Ada Ciganlija near to the water. ..

The whole offer includes the supervision of your kids, including a person who is fully committed to them.

Catering service in charge of the sweetest snacks, served and made according to already known Azzaro gastro team recipes.

Our playroom is a true birthdayroom, in which imagination becomes a reality and every child remains in his memory.

The rent price includes the full staff catering team, the team for taking care of the children, utensils, and the invitations that the children are sending to their friends.

If you want to additionally entertain children and organize them with a real birthday present, we recommend animators, magicians, balloons decorate, photographers and confectioners. You can animate children and their friends with theater performances, masquerading, magician performance or other thematic animation.


Danilo Despotović

+381 62 214 975

Ada Ciganlija BB



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