Christening for your beloved

For the celebration like this, we can offer three locations in Belgrade city core. You can see the beautiful reception halls and our staff members who will help you in organizing christenings for your youngest. You can choose between “Azzaro GREEN”, “Azzaro WHITE”, and “Azzaro RED”. They offer professional lightshow and sound system.

Older kids can choose between video games, high-tech simulators, and game consoles such as Sony Play Station, Nintendo WII, and Microsoft Xbox. The youngest guests can enjoy in the labyrinth and various animation games. Our pleasant girls will take care of the youngsters, while you and your guests can relax and enjoy in the great atmosphere and the surrounding, made just the way you like.

Our team of professional waiters will make your day perfect and imposible to forget because it will surpass even your wildest dreams.

Our playhouses are well-known to the youngsters and their parents because they can expect top quality service and great fun for their kids.

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