“AZZARO” provides the best quality catering service, exquisite arrangement, and the pristine staff service. You can freely trust us with catering for seminars, conferences, jubilees, gala nights, business luncheons, wedding celebrations, receptions, and any other events. We offer great experience in preparing traditional lunches, as well as modern cocktail parties. Our buffet turns into a work of art, and the aestethics of the plate is equally important to us as the taste of the food. Due to gastronomical arts of our staff members, your celebration will definitely be remembered.

The head chef of the AZZARO gastro team Imre Čipak. 

chef dejan stankovic Azzaro restaurantCoordinator for regualtion of the cooking standards and the ambassador for Eastern market.

He was born in 1965 in the city of Novi Kneževac. He received his education in the Gastronomy, services, and tourism school in the city of Novi Sad, where he received the title of the professional gastronomer. Since then, he was working in various well-established restaurants. His job was to be the head cook and the manager of staff. He received his international experience in Russia, Azerbaijan, and the Netherlands.


Work experience:

2012 – Head cook, education and staff manager of the “Pikanterija” restaurant, Belgrade.

2011 - Head cook, education and staff manager of the “Cashmire” restaurant, Belgrade.

2011 – Head cook, menu creator, introduction of new meals, presenting the new culinary standards to the personnel, “Rivera” restaurant, Orel, Russia.

2010 – Head cook, the presidential banquet hall, “Buta Palace”, Baku, Azerbaijan. Organizing banquets, reception dinners for the ministries of Azerbaijan, with more than 50 cooks and more tan 800 guests, menú for light meals, and menú for protocole luncheons.

2009 – Training manager, “Mozart” restaurant, Tyumen, Russia.

2009 – Training manager, “Frankonija” restaurant, Surgut, Russia.

2008 – Head cook, high-class restaurant with the special menú offer, “Koling club”, Belgrade.

2007 – Head cook, new menú introduction, personnel training, “Balkan Grill” restaurant, Novosibirsk, Russia.

2006 – Head cook in pre opening period, personnel training, new menú and culinary standard introduction, “Mamma’s biscuit house” restaurant, Yekaterinburg, Russia. 2002 – Head cook, high-class restaurant with special menú offers, “Koling klub”, Belgrade.

2001 – Head cook, Italian restaurant “New York - New York, Belgrade, Serbia.

1998 – Head cook in pre opening period, personell training, new menú introduction, “Drago” restaurant, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

1995 -  Head cook, “Sova club” restaurant – one of the best restaurants in Belgrade with the special menu.

1990-1995 Assisstant chef, “Majestic” hotel, Belgrade, Serbia.

1987-1991. Head cook, Balkan kitchen restaurant “Pula”, Breda, the Netherlands. 1983-1987. Chef, “Szechuan” restaurant, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Awards and recommendations

2013 – The first international islamic culinary show, Baku, Azerbaijan – gold medal in GRAND-PRIX competition.

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