And for the wedding

Every bride on the day of her wedding, in addition to new things, needs to have by her side some old object, something borrowed, and something in blue color.

If bride wants to ensure happy and long marriage, it is customary to wear something old (usually she needs to take something from someone who has been married for a long time). These are, mostly used gloves or veil, then, something new-which will take her to new life, something borrowed as a synonym for given happiness, as for the blue color it represents love and loyalty of the future bride. Usually, future brides seize the opportunity that “something blue” can be garter because it doesn’t affect the look of white wedding dress. Some wedding traditions requires groom to take off garter and throws it to unmarried men.

Also, with mentioned traditions, copper coin is placed in brides shoe, so that she would be protected against poverty and hardships.

On wedding day bride musn’t wear pearls because they represent tears.

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