Biedermeier to your taste

Tradition of throwing biedermeier durning marriage ceremony started occurring durning 14th century, and since then people belive that luck will follow person who catches biedermeier. Today it is customary that biedermeier will be thrown to unmarried girls, and it is belived that the girl who catches it will be next bride. Nowdays it is tradition that brides godmother buys biedermeier or even two, if bride also wants to throw biedermeier in front of church or municipal building.

Biedermaier is round bouquet, composed of the same or a different flowers that brides chooses. Girls usually end up choosing classic, round shape, however, there is one increasingly popular shape that consists of flower balls which hang on satin tape, also hanging biedermeier is becoming popular like it used to be. Details give biedermeier special glow, so there is a  chance to see biedermeier which is decorated with pearls, ornaments made of glass, satin strips, till…

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